The Walk-A-Bout Debut LP 180g Vinyl

The Walk-A-Bout Debut LP 180g Vinyl


This is the Limited Edition Debut LP. Recorded at Ridge Hill Sound, Mixed and Produced by Andrew Michael Bertran; mastered by Roger Lian. The record boasts a multi-faceted exploration of moods from the hard driving exclamation of the first single, “Traveler,” to the introspective depth of “Look at the Moon” to the funk energy of “Shakin’ in Up” and beyond. The final track on the record in all its epic grandeur describes the overall message herein: "fortune favors the brave". It’s been said that “this inspired collection begs a second listen without hesitation.”

Track Listing: 

1. Traveler (05:07)
2. Broken Past (05:04)
3. Look At The Moon (07:12)
4. Shakin' It Up (04:33)
5. On The Bay (05:21)
6. Fortune Favors The Brave (07:09)

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